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Attendance Management System

Eventhough you may have a finger print or ID card scanner machine, still it takes your HR team to process salaries manually. It takes them 4 to 5 days time to process salaries. Still it is frought with errors which again requires rework. We have developed a system where output from any attendance machine is fed in and salary slips gets generated on one click. It keeps into account various parameters involved like OT, Leaves, half days, Late marks, cash component, PF calculations etc.

Inventory Control

Inventory management is a key concept in supply chain managament. You don’t need a costly software to manage your inventory. We have developed a proprietory system based on MS Excel replicating SAP, which can manage all your RM, FG and WIP inventory perfectly well. This could potentially streamline purchase, vendor rationalisation and reduce working capital requirment greatly.

Production Planning

A complex production cycle could go through multiple stages of production where more than one machines are used, more than one skill set of resources could be needed. Right production planning could  help in maximizing machine production, reduction of wait time, reduction of WIP inventory levels etc. Concepts of Single Minute Exchange of Die(SMED) could effectively increase the productive time of machine. Rhythem wheel planning could make sure that production of various range of product is done in the most efficient manner

Product sizing tool

Sizing is an activity whereby we understand the customer requirment and curate our offering based on the requirment. It could require emperical fomulations and years of experience to drill down a customer requirement into a right offering. We help you to automate the process of sizing which connects marketing to operations department.

Process Mapping

Process mapping facilitates change management. The documentation of all business processes in an organization will help you ensure that your company delivers on its promises and meets customer expectations. 

Process mapping combines both strategy and technology to provide visibility into the Enterprise Data Architecture (EDA), illustrating how data is handled throughout each business process, who touched it, access rights for each individual and whether or not there are conflicts between different information systems.

Process mapping is the basic step to understand an organization and its processes. Right process mapping activity can result in to KPI and KRA identification, Process improvement opportunity identification, Job role clarifications, org structure etc.

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