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We support our clients in making meaningful changes. In order to deliver services to our clients, we aid in their transformation, which is made possible by technology and maintained by talents.

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Our services promote change and create enterprises by combining the skills required to support businesses expanding and thriving in the digital era. By slowly building mechanisms to gather accurate data and assisting our customers in business decision-making informed by data rather than intuition, we help businesses harness the power of data. 

Solutions that perform

Improve your business operations with our deep insights and technology enabled solutions that can sustain through processes.

Digital Transformation

By harnessing the power of data capturing, you can make the best data driven business decisions.

Operational Excellence

We help organizations assess, deploy and improve the right processes thus focussing on a customer centric approach.

Innovation & Adaptability

We help businesses assess, qualify, and reassure the existing business model in order to adapt new processes.


Right from product identification, market segment identification, goal sheet creation and strategy formulation, we do it all.

Sales Enhancement

Sales is the growth engine of an organization. Prospecting and targeting productive leads and working towards effectively nurturing and converting them is of strategic importance. Tracking every stage of the sales funnel, Root cause analysis of lost sales opportunities and subsequent problem solving at each stage is crucial for any sales enhancement projects. Stage wise analysis of a sales funnel helps increase conversion ratio and reduces lost sales in the intermediary steps thereby bringing in more revenue for an organization

Supply Chain Management

Managing tangible resources is a key operation in the working of any company. For manufacturing or trading companies, it is of added importance, as it blocks their working capital. Responsive supply chain that allows for timely and apportioned procurement of Raw Material along with in time dispatch of the finished products is needed to have a healthy flow of working capital and maintaining sufficient RM so that business operations are not delayed. The principles of Inventory management, process changes in purchase, vendor management etc. are the effected areas in this intervention.

HR Mangement

Human Resource is the most important resource for any organization. Managing your human resources effectively is a key aspect in generating maximum value from your employees. Employee and organization friendly policies, reporting structures, appraisal mechanism, incentive schemes and frameworks etc. are some of the pointers in this intervention.

Data Visibility & MIS Creation

Emperical decisions made with help of right data can have telling impact on organizations. For this to happen, it is absolutely essential to capture right data. This could be assessed through understanding what dashboards and reports are needed at various stages in the value chain. This could facilitate data driven assessment of individuals, departments and company as a whole. Having a right dashboard is the first step towards creating a data driven company.

Lean Deployment

Lean Deployment is a process that aims to maximize efficiency, while minimizing waste and effort. It allows companies to achieve speed, agility and quality by maximizing value. 

We help you accelerate your business innovation cycles so that you can respond faster to changing market conditions and customer requirements. Having a primary focus on Manufacturing companies, we are also well adept at lean deployment at the shop floor. 

These could include, 5S implementation, Production planning, Single Minute Exchange of Die(SMED), Value chain analysis, Process mapping etc.

Organization Wise Goal Setting

Goals help you align your focus. If we consider organization as an entity, then goal setting exercise defines the way of working at an organization. Setting up organization wide goals is the first step in the Hoshin Kanri frame work. These goals could be financial, IT, Human Resources, Product startegy, Quality, Complaince etc. Next step is breaking down org wide goals into department wise goals. These would mean, if departments achieve their goals individually, company achieves its goals. Final step in this process is drilling down departmental goals into individuals.

Quality Control

Quality is an unsaid non-negotiable at any organisation. Setting up quality measurement parameters and an urge towards constant upgrade is absoultely essential for an ever evolving company. Various frameworks of quality exists and each one could give results if applied through sustainable interventions. This could also mean training teams in various best practices and problem solving Quality techniques like Six Sigma or lean to begin with.

Project Management

Execution of 5 stages of a project, namely initiation, planning, execution, Monitoring & control, closure is essential for any specific project to materialise. Stakeholder mangement during the project execution is of utmost importance. Timely delivery of output and managemnet of cost escalation during the period of project execution is done here.

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